Eternal Wanderers

Raid on Loudwater - Aftermath

The battle carried on and the adventurers were joined by two strange combatants, who introduced themselves as Kharn and Maxen, the Herbalist.

As the battle ended, Garwan rushed out and searched for the item that was stolen from his store. He laid his eyes upon the countless bodies of dead goblins and managed to find it. Kharn noticed this sneaky and cunning dwarf trying to sneak off and demanded to know what he was doing.
“Noble warriors, I thank you for protecting our fair town. However, this item was stolen from my store and I am merely just taking it back. I shall take my leave now.”
Garwan bows slightly and starts running back into his store since his cover was blown already.

Caedin Feystar, Cécile Deneuve and Zapyre looked about to made sure there were no more of these beastly munchkins left and departed towards the west gate, claiming that they were needed elsewhere.

The rest of the party knew there was something amiss with the strange item since the goblins willing to steal the item even with the very presence of their own deaths right before their eyes. Consequently, they headed into Garwan’s Curiosities only to see two shifty looking patrons attempting to relieve Garwan of his possession.

“The goblins were clearly trying to get this item, aren’t you afraid they would come back?” one of the patrons responded.
“It’s just a coincidence, goblins like shiny trinkets and this just so happens to be a shiny trinket! If they come again, I’ll just put up a sign pointing them towards Starra’s Knives. If you want it, I’d be willing to part with it for 30 gold.”

The adventurers all fell silent as 30 gold was clearly too much for any of them to pay. With nothing else to try, they just stood there pondering what to do until a middle-aged man with all the tropes of a stereotypical wizard came into the doorway shouting.

“By Mystra’s lost spell! Garwan, what in tarnations happened here?”
Garwan responded, “Ah! Curuvar my dear friend. There were some feral goblins who attacked the village. Not much of a big deal except for a few townspeople dying, Jarrel included. I say good riddance to that.” Garwan laughs. “The problem now is these flea-bitten no good cons are trying to penny-winch me of my possessions!”

Curuvar eyed the trinket. “Ah, that is the horned totem I sold you last week.” Curuvar laughs and says. “I remember sneaking into their barrow. By Mystra’s lost spell, you wouldn’t believe what a dull race goblins are! My wizardry easily incapacitated them. However, I didn’t find what I wanted. I took the horn totem as a souvenir.”

With this information, the patron immediately spoke out. “See, I was right! They’re going to come back for you. You better give us the item!”
Garwan thought to himself for a bit, frowned and said. “Fine. You can have it. I wouldn’t want to look like Jarrel…”

Curuvar looked upon the group. “Oh ho, so you are adventurers eh. Tell you what—if you recover the matching skull totem from the barrow, I’ll tell you the truth about this item and its connections with those pitiful goblins.” With that, Curuvar left towards the tavern.

The pair of patrons introduced themselves as Lowlis and Yzar Tethris and that they were Psions-in-training from the academy. Moreover, the group of adventurers became acquainted with each other and decided to venture into the barrows.

An elf stood with her back against the doorway, she looks toward the group while crossing her arms. “I know the area around here and Curuvar keeps boasting about his escapades to me so I generally know what to expect. I can also provide some backup as long as I get some of the profits. You can call me Chaesiel.”

The party welcomed Chaesiel and the five of them ventured off towards the goblin hideout.


  • Horned Totem (1)
Raid on Loudwater

Things seemed calm and peaceful in Loudwater as usual, until a wall was suddenly broken through on the south side. A crowd of goblins poured in and all hell broke loose.

As the townsfolk fled, three noble adventurers entered the fray to impede the assault. Their names were Cécile Deneuve, Caedin Feystar and Zapyre. Recognizing each other as the only people able to fight back, they pooled their resources together and managed to slay the breaching party.

It seems as though the rumours floating around a stolen item held at Garwan’s Curiosities might be more than mere hearsay.


  • 600 xp per person


  • Leather Armour (2)
  • Leather Robe
  • Short Sword
  • Spear
  • Javelin (10)

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